Hard Random is an eSports organization. A leader in the CIS segment of the League of Legends. During the two years of our activities Hard Random were able to hold a series of successful tournaments in 2014,  and the entire 2015th year organization remained the strongest in the CIS and constantly took first place in the tournaments.

«Honesty, openness and desire to be the best» — this is all about us. Our entire team — one big and friendly family. Victory for us — it's always a great joy and responsible in front of our fans. The recognition of our fans and the spirit of competitive games are the main driving forces for our players and staff. Each victory by our players — it is also a victory for those who support us.

The first major tournament for our organization became SLTV Starseries Season II, in which the roster of Flashynthen1ght, Symphony, PvPStejos, Dayruin and Archie, was able to snatch victory from Virtus.Pro and bring our organization first victory at Starladder.

The most important event for the organization was Starseries Spring Split 2015, when, already legendary, the roster of Kira, Smurf, Symphony, LeX and Dimonko just smashed all enemies to smithereens. This event literally shocked all analysts, players and fans, because Hard Random experienced some problems in the beginning of the year. The victory in that tournament has given a great impact to the development of the organization.

Because of the winning in both splits SLTV Starseries 2015 has enabled us to represent the CIS region twice in the international tournaments. For once a small organization it's a great honor. 2015 was a year of our rising. We got a lot of fans not only in CIS, but also outside.

What next? Even more wins and a few defeats, since only they can find our weak spot. Losses makes us stronger.
We are not going to stop there. We live eSports, and we are part of eSports.

Team achievements:

League of Legends:

ESL Pro Series Season 2 3rd place
SLTV Starseries Season 2 1st place
SLTV Starseries Season 3 2nd place
Challenger Tournament 2014 2nd place
SLTV Starseries Spring Slit 2015 1st place
International Wild Card invitational 2015 3rd-4th place
Challegner Tournament 2015 1st place
SLTV Starseries Summer Split 2015 1st place
LoL Battle Arena Season One 3rd place
LCL Spring 2016 1st place